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"It goes without saying that this has been a rough year for me. And grief is a personal experience, so I felt like the only way to release and support the songs that I have been making is to go it alone. Also sonically, they're very different from stuff I've done in the past, so I didn't want to use any of the artist names that I've already used. I've never done an album as Mike Shinoda, so I figured this would be a great time to do that, and it kind of indicates that it is a more personal thing. The album is not all dark, it actually starts dark and goes to someplace brighter; it starts claustrophobic and it goes to someplace more open. I don't think that this journey ends with the end of the album, I think it keeps going from there, but at least at this point, these 16 songs are the progress I've made so far." — @m_shinoda on releasing his first solo album, Post Traumatic, out now. (📸 by @travis_shinn)

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