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Maribou State

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Годы деятельности: 2011 - present.

Страна\язык группы: UK/Eng.

Стиль музыки: Electronic, ambient, future garage.

Состав группы: Chris Davids, Liam Ivory.


Maribou State is Chris Davids and Liam Ivory from Hertfordshire. Liam asked Chris to play bass for his band. When they moved up north to go to university, the band fell by the wayside and the pair began making electronic music in their home studio, forging a partnership that would soon become Maribou State.

In the summer of 2011 they were scouted by Fat! Records and put out their debut release, the ‘Olivia’ EP, which set a blueprint for Maribou State’s trademark bass-heavy, melodic sound. Grassroots support for the duo was also building. When they brought out a bootleg of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop’ (produced in collaboration with Pedestrian), the tune racked up thousands of plays on YouTube and got airtime on Radio 1, 1Xtra and XFM courtesy of Diplo, B. Traits and Eddy Temple Morris respectively.

Their first project for Southern Fried was a remix of ‘Hummus’ by Crookers, which hit the top of the Hype Machine chart during the spring of 2012. Then the ‘Native’ EP dropped in June and one of the tracks from it, ‘The Look’, was promptly given 10/10 and awarded Tune Of The Month by Mixmag. Along with underground fans, key tastemakers were beginning to take note.

Momentum continued when, after a summer spent playing shows, the next single for Southern Fried was released. ‘Scarlett Groove’ (featuring Saint Saviour) was a certified off-kilter pop hit, notching up radio play from Annie Mac and Lauren Laverne as well as being given Essential Tune status by Pete Tong.


"Habitat" (2011).
"Olivia" (2012).
"Scarlet Groove" (2012).
"Tongue" (2013).

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