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  1. Julie

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker

    А ничего не слышно про то, когда бейкеры смогут активировать свои предзаказы в Steam или GOG?
  2. Julie


    Не вопрос) Вот эти фразы: Показать контент "It's a shame we can't stop to savor places like this. But they remind me of what's at stake." "I wouldn't mind spending more time here together. Once this is all over." "This reminds me of a particularly lovely spot in the Cythwood. Perhaps I can show you one day." So many people. I much prefer quiet evenings together." When I told you I prefer quiet and seclusion, this is what I had in mind." "Do you think Berath would object if we just... stayed here a while?" Hide Конечно, негусто у Алота с фразами, но какое-никакое добавление к его контенту:)
  3. Посмотрела ссылку, которую тут кинули, на количество реакций и возник вопрос. Неужели у сайферов действительно так много проверок на класс или это где-то в одном-двух диалогах упоминается, а остальное скрытые проверки? И могут ли они разрешить какие-то квесты по-своему, как это было в первой части?
  4. Julie


    Меня об этом не просили, но я все-таки выложу текст слайдов концовок наших спутников (и так как тема "Романы", то будут они в основном про отношения с Хранителем). Хочу предупредить сразу, что тут есть СПОЙЛЕРЫ. Так что аккуратнее:) Текст приводится так, как он содержится в текстовом файле. Шоти Plagued by constant nightmares and hallucinations, Xoti becomes increasingly disassociated from reality. Meanwhile, her power continues to grow with every soul she harvests. You start to notice sliced-up animal corpses everywhere you two travel. But when confronted about it, Xoti stomps her feet and fiercely denies any wrongdoing. Then one night, Xoti wakes but never leaves the nightmare. Shivering uncontrollably, she packs up her belongings and slips away into the darkness, murmuring that she must return to the Temple of Gaun in order to fulfill her purpose to her god. But she never reaches the temple. None of the Dawnstars know what's become of her aside from disturbing rumors of a Harvester ravaging the southeastern islands inthe Deadfire - leaving a trail of blood in her wake Seemingly lit with an inner glow, Xoti takes to a new life of mission work with gusto. She still is committed to shepherding souls for Gaun, but having realigned her goals with that of her fellow Dawnstars, she now endeavors to help the living as much as the dead. As you travel the Deadfire, you find her sleeping better and laughing more often. When the time comes for her to return to her temple in Neketaka, it's with a clear wistfulness and much lip biting on her part. She leaves you with her sickle and a hastily scrawled note. It reads: keepsake from a path once walked. Remember me, Watcher. For I will forever dream of you Though the two of you no longer travel together, Xoti holds fast to the memory of you in her heart, remaining your fierce and doting girlfriend - faithful even in her absence. You receive a missive for every day apart, though they often arrive in a single bundle some weeks or months past. In them, she writes of how she misses you, how you are like a fire that burns inside her, how one day surely you will be united again. Until then, she prays for your safety as she continues to labor in service to Gaun It's hard not to notice how Xoti follows Maia everywhere she goes. The two seem nigh inseperable and can often be found talking, laughing, fishing and target practicing, or haring drinks and kisses before sneaking belowdecks for some privacy After Xoti and Maia's short-lived romance flames out, the priestess sulks about the ship, looking listless, her lantern light burning low. But after only a couple of weeks, she picks herself back up again, vowing to focus single-mindedly on her duty to Gaun Hide Алот His one regret is having to leave the Watcher he has come to love. He bids you a fond and affectionate farewell, hoping your paths converge again one day ю Happily, his decision allows him to journey alongside the Watcher he has come to love. He does not know what the future holds for them - or, indeed, for the world. Whatever it is, they shall face it as they have faced all their greatest trials:together. Серафен You let Remaro go, and the former pirate ostensibly set sail for the trade lanes of the Eastern Reach, the Aedyr Empire, Old Vailia, and the Republics. For the remainder of your time together, Serafen seems - if not exactly happy - at least contented with the outcome of your confrontation with his former mentor at Sayuka Remaro, mutineer and traitor, bled out at your feet During the remainder of your time together, you occasionally catch Serafen watching you, the expression in his green eyes contemplative. Though his gaze is largely inscrutable, it's far from friendly Текеху (тут более подробно) Tekehu never intended to grasp at the destiny his coming foretold, but he finds himself doing just that. He sails from island to island as an emissary from the gods to the Huana people. The tribes welcome his message and use it to bridge their traditions across the archipelago. Huana unity has never been stronger. With Ngati's covenant firmly in mind, TTekehu feels confident enough to reshape the very Deadfire . Tekehu distances himself from the problems of the Deadfire, giving the tribes a reprieve from godlike omens. Ngati's silence speaks volumes. The Huana grow to rely on each other, paving a new way forward divorced from their traditions. Soon after his departure from Neketaka, sailors report of mountainous water sculptures rising from the open sea - entrancing and salacious. These works are celebrated everywhere from the brothel to the palace, though the identity of the artist remains an open question. The discovery of Ukaizo doesn't bring Tekehu the answers that he sought, but this proves only a minor setback. Merely knowing that Ngati's chosen landed on the island ignites something in the Huana tribes - a fervent desire to recover the past and let history illuminate the way forward. Tekehu rides this momentum, leading by example and teaching his people to rely on each other instead of on omens. His message is an upheaval of norms, but it's as embraced and beloved as he is. Tekehu distances himself from the problems of the Deadfire, giving the tribes a reprieve from godlike omens. Ngati's silence speaks volumes. The Huana grow to rely on each other, paving a new way forward divorced from their traditions. Soon after he departs Neketaka, distant tribes report of unusual and salacious water sculptures appearing on their shores. These quaint visitations are widely celebrated, the identity of the artist ever an open question As your paths diverge, Tekehu leaves you with a protracted and energetic farewell. He has work to do in the Deadfire, but his heart - and, he insists, the rest of him - is yours. You make promises to see each other again on different shores. Your farewell is short and cordial. Nothing further needs to be said and you wish each other well. Tekehuu does not look back. The sea feels restless in his absence. As your paths diverge, Tekehu expresses remorse that you did not have more time to explore your connection. The future is uncertain, but the embrace you share at parting is full of promise He bids you farewell, suggesting that you seek your next adventure in a brothel or tavern where consequences begin and end at the front door.He sounds eager to leave old conflicts in the past Armed with new resolve Tekehu ushers the Watershapers Guild toward the traditions of the forgotten past. Ngati's gift slowly begins to resemble something closer to its its ancestral form. The work is slow but determined Майя She acts withdrawn in your presence, haunted by her choices. The bond that you once shared all but dissolves in silence There's never enough free time to explore your mutual connection. Something about your bond feels unfinished, but as your paths diverge you start running out of reasons to see each other. In your presence she's always armed with a pleasant smile and lots of questions. Her embrace is full of warmth. If there isn't time now, someday there might be. Whenever you come across Maia, Xoti is never far off. The two of them spend every available hour sharing stories over drinks, dangling their feet over docks, or exploring strange temples by the light of Xoti's lantern. They're good for each other, and they both seem to know it. She and Xoti don't see much of each other, and when they cross paths they quickly run out of things to say. Their agreement to set aside what they once tried to build together is largely unspoken Though she has a lot on her mind, she still makes time to visit - even if it's just to share a few pleasant words and a subtle wink. You don't often travel together, but it's clear that what you built in your time as shipmates is alive and well.
  5. Julie


    Такой Джахеровский эпилог не только у Техеку, но и у Майи)) Другие варианты у фишбоя там есть, но это скорее вариации того, что Жанн выложила. Если нужно могу скинуть под спойлер все тексты эпилогов Техеку.
  6. Julie


    Я могу только предположить на основе просмотренных текстовых файлов квеста Алота, потому что сама еще не играла. Показать контент В последней фазе его квеста в диалоге надо напирать на то, что без него и так Свинцовый ключ развалится/Свинцовый ключ реформируется. Тогда он будет свободен остаться с ГГ. Тогда в конце он скажет: But perhaps you're right. After all, how did I think I could overcome two thousand years of work in a single lifetime? В случае же когда он решает продолжить свое дело, то будет добавлена фраза в конце: But it's worth it to try." И тогда Алот в слайдах уйдет от ГГ Hide
  7. Julie


    С Майей. У них даже слайды в конце есть в зависимости от развития их отношений.
  8. Julie


    А у Шоти с Эдером в любом случае ничего не выгорит. Судя по концовкам, максимум что ей от него светит - это дружба. Эдер - мастер френдзоны. Правда, с другим нашим спутником она вполне может сойтись:)
  9. Julie


    Это да, Алот такой)) Поцелуй там еще будет:) Насколько я поняла по обстоятельствам - в конце. Классика, плин, получается Кстати, у Алота есть отдельный текстовый файл под названием "romance barks". Видимо, фразы эти выдает, когда на него тыкают?)
  10. Julie


    Не могу сказать насчет обязательности. Но я пробежалась по всем текстовым файлам с диалогом Алота, и там есть еще возможность сказать, что у Хранителя к нему нежные чувства. Но следствие ли это той реплики или она сама по себе, не знаю.
  11. Julie


    Я, кажется, нашла в файлах игры текст слайда романа с Алотом, который не понравился человеку на обсидиановском форуме. Смотреть на свой страх и риск: Показать контент His one regret is having to leave the Watcher he has come to love. He bids you a fond and affectionate farewell, hoping your paths converge again one day. Hide Но есть и другой вариант развития (намекаю, что более позитивный): Показать контент Happily, his decision allows him to journey alongside the Watcher he has come to love. He does not know what the future holds for them - or, indeed, for the world. Whatever it is, they shall face it as they have faced all their greatest trials: together Hide
  12. Julie


    Понятно, а раса, значит, может быть любая? Просто хочется примерно знать варианты, что светят моей богоподобной во второй части:)
  13. Julie


    Если верить коллекторбуку первой части, то Эдеру на момент начала первой части 32. Соотвественно во второй примерно 38-39. Вот вопрос по романам: они залочены по полу или есть еще ограничения по расам?
  14. Да подождите вы, люди, страдать. Еще ничего неизвестно. Я из интереса порылась на tumblr и обсидиановском форуме и вот что нашла (информация из стримов): были реплики флирта с Эдером и Алотом (вот только реакция на них неизвестна, потому что стример их не выбирал). Так что какая-никакая, а надежда для поклонников Эдера и Алота есть Кстати, а ссылка на тот немецкий журнал недействительна. Убрали быстро (то ли действительно спойлер, то ли вброс был).
  15. Спасибо Yria за наводку на reddit. Я там покопалась и вот что нашла про сопартийцев второй части и их местонахождение (англ): Показать контент Eder: Start of the game Xoti: Port Maje, first area Aloth: Engwithian Digsite Serafen: First time you use your ship Tekehu: Watershaper guild, Periki Overlook in Nekataka Maia: Palace, Serpent's Reach in Nekataka, after you talk with the Queen Pallegina: Also palace but only in certain conditions? She's an emissary so it's possible she's only there if you resolve her quest in a way that she still works for the Brotherhood by obeying the orders she had. If she disobeys, I'd assume she'd be found somewhere else but most likely still in capital. Hide Про сайдиков ничего не нашла.