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Fatal Alliance

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Jedi Knight able to cut through the Bounty Hunter's Net Ability. Originally speculated about this ability in our Threat of Peace Dissection.

Jedi Knight is mentioned as having a disadvantage while fighting enemies at range

Black Sun is a gang on Coruscant and have Bothan Members

Bounty Hunter has Net Ice (or Ice Net), vulnerable to force push, uses a physical choke and hurl, grenades and rockets, blasters, pistols, rifles, vibrosaws, vibroblades, and concussion missiles.

A medkit is built into the Sith Apprentice's interceptor's cockpit. Mentions keeping their scars to remember their lessons.

The Sith Apprentice is involved with the Separatist Movement on Ord Mantell; Fort Garnik is mentioned as being the place where the Inquisitor is. Ord Mantell is an important planet to the Empire.

Mandalorians are supposed to be helping the Empire against the Republic, but actions are strained.

After they are identified, the Sith are taken away from their family; family is rewarded if they do not resist, hunted if they do. (Galley version: If your family is royal blood they are honored and rewarded. If they are not, the family is executed.)

Imperial Agent, indication of a light-side path, think the Sith are a bunch of crazy people and they can run it better. Sith described as a bunch of "crazy priests". (Page 42)

Bimmisaari is mentioned, previously unknown resource rich world. Both the Republic and Sith are looking for these resource rich worlds.

Tassaa Bareesh mentioned as the Matriarch to the Hutt Cartel and has close ties to the Empire.

The Imperial Agent was born on Panatha.

SSO is an abbreviation for Senate Security Officers. Trooper meets Senate Security Officers the races of them are Twi'lek, Zabrak, human, and Nikto (pg 44). (Galley version: Brolf and Issori instead of human and Nikto).

Trooper was kicked out of Blackstar Squad. Snitched on Commanding Officer SGT Donbar (pg 45).

Abilities the trooper uses are Snub Rifle and Headbutt.

Trooper is mentioned Kiffar as well as the Jedi Knight

Smuggler Privateer can work for the Hutts or the Republic, in reference to the Smuggler that appears in the book. His Rodian companion betrays him.

Sith Apprentice uses Mind Trick (Page 83)

Manarai Heights, Eastport Docking Facility, mentioned as places the Smuggler visited on Coruscant.

Imperial aspired to be Cipher Agents. (Page 41)

As a Sith, you are described as a person who wants to be the apprentice of someone who is on the Dark Council.

Guy on the front cover is Darth Chratis. He is not part of the Dark Council.

Smuggler's ship name is Auriga Fire (referenced as a freighter).

Imperial Agent is working in the Republic as the Assistant to the Supreme Chancellor Stantorrs of the Senate. Mentioned as an Imperial Informant in the Republic Senate.

Jedi Grandmaster is mentioned as Satele Shan.

Darth Howl is the main one who speaks to Sith Apprentice. He is mentioned as being on the Emperor's Dark Council.

Gebroila is mentioned as a city on Hutta.

Evocii are mentioned as giving the Hutts trouble on Hutta.

TT-2G Guard Droids mentioned as Palace Guards in Tassa Barreesh's castle. Gamorrean are also said to be guards. Ortolans are also in the palace.

Hutts are immune to "all forms" of Jedi Persuasion.

Houks are mentioned as part of the Empire, Imperial Guards.

A-1DO - Lanky Droid Translator "conehead". Translates what Tassaa Bareesh says. A-1DA Protocol Droid seen here as well.

Imperial Agent mentioned using a blaster for concealed carry.

"If anything got past the trip wires and simultaneously touched both box and wall, a circuit would trip, sounding an alarm loud enough to wake the Emperor himself on Dromund Kaas." (Page 106)

"Ferrocrete was relatively easy to cut through with a lightsaber."

"...pressed outward with the Force, just in case something heavy shifted into her."

The Sith Apprentice could "sense" the Jedi.

Sith Apprentice uses a Telekinetic Sweep, Force Barrier, and Force Pull.

Kubaz and Cathar are mentioned as being part of the crowd at the Tassaa Bareesh's Palace

Smuggler companion droid model: "J-8-O soldier class. That's why he talks in combat signs. But they were phased out, weren't they?" (Page 179)

"The ranks of Weequay, Houks, Niktos, and Gamorreans looked as though they expected a whole army of Sith, Jedi, and Mandalorians to burst out of the vault and make off with their mistress's fortunes." (Page 184)

In reference to space port guards regarding the Imperial Agent: "Epicanthix scum, they had called him. You belong in this hole, they told him. Go away before we shoot you dead." (Page 188)

"The thing that built the hexes," he said. "The nest. It was made of a strange alloy. What was it?" "Lutetium and promethium," said Jet. "So they're rare metals. There can't be many world where both are found, right?" "There isn't a single surveyed world with those metals in abundance." "What about Wild Space? There are lots of unsurveyed worlds in there." "Sure, but it's a big place and they don't call it wild for nothing." (Page 194)

Kiffar have a racial benefit, psychometric ability.

Imperial Agent had brief training session on medicine on Dromund Kaas (Page 196)

Kant mentioned as a planet in the Bothan Sector (we think this is Krant, mentioned as having two moons, this one does in the Bothan sector as well, we are not entirely sure).

"Among them lurked the seventeen vessels of the half division granted to Darth Chratis by the Dark Council. The bulk cruiser at its head, an aging hollow-nosed Keizar-Volvec behemoth called Paramount, hung low and heavy dead ahead." (Page 205)

"Sebaddon was a small world, scarred by tectonic activity... Its surface ranged from gray basalt to red-glowing mantle exposed to the atmosphere by constant plate motion. The atmosphere was dense enough to breathe and showed signs of both clouds and precipitation. There were no oceans, just the occasional shining surfaces on the cooler parts of the planet that might have been lakes." (Page 231)

Satele Shan's Cruiser is called the Corellia.

"If this last jump from Circarpous V hadn't been calculated to the greatest degree of precision possible..." (Page 242)

"Her Mk. VII advanced interceptor had been shipped from Dromund Kaas with the rest of Darth Chratis's materiel and kept fully fueled in case a fast launch was required." (Page 246)

"Wave after wave of angular black ISF interceptors streamed away from the Paramount and its ancillary vessels. They were easily a match for the XA-8 and PT-7 starfighters the Republic had launched." (Page 247)

Sith talking: "We have three thousand front-line troops, divided across the remains of three regiments -- repulsorlift, heavy weapons, and armored -- with two hundred TRA-Nine battle droids." (Page 287)

"It reminded her of the Cross of Glory, the highest military award given by the Republic." (Page 296)

Imperial Vokoff-Strood VT-22 light troop transports raced Celestial Industries NR2 light transports (Page 305)

Turbodyne 1220 drop ship collided with a Republic NR2 during an assault run. (Page 333)

Cenotaph of the Innocents (Coruscant) (Page 389)

The Wing and the Wanderer Cantina on Tatooine

Gektl mentioned as a species in the book. (Page 412)

"[The Bounty Hunter's] scout ... was shaped like a crescent moon, with forward-pointing wings that bristled with weapons and a matte-black, nonreflective skin. there were no markings of any kind, just two glowing circles on either side indicating ready air locks." (Page 267)

"[The Bounty Hunter's ship] had a low profile, head-on, but was surprisingly spacious inside. Its walls were ribbed rather than sealed with flat panels; sometimes there were no gaps at all delineating corridor from hold. Wiring and components were occasionally exposed--all, [the visitor] supposed, to keep weight down." (Page 269)

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Чем вам так трилогия Бейна насолила, что вы прямо не можете в неё не плюнуть?

Fatal Alliance ещё не дочитала, но, в принципе, согласна с Mackintosh. Как книга ничего особенного, прочитать можно, но не более.

Как источник информации более интересна.

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Чем вам так трилогия Бейна насолила, что вы прямо не можете в неё не плюнуть?
Мало и не достаточно глубоко, я так думаю. Ну и 4 из 5 это слишком щедрая оценка для того, кто хочет оплевать книгу.

Дроиды-психи - это страшная угроза. Бу-у-у... Приказ "База Дельта Ноль" решил бы все проблемы.

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Пока сохранялась интрига ШТУКИ, выставленной на аукцион, было даже интересно.

С момента появления на сцене смертоботов, сбежавших из своих титановых тюрем, градус антинаучной хрени начал повышаться, а уж после прибытия героев на искомую планету - так вообще превысил все допустимые пределы.

Ярким фактом, хорошо характеризующим Республику эпохи ТОРа, явилась официальная республиканская должность имперского агента. :)

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официальная республиканская должность имперского агента.
Это такой прикол или я шо-то плохо не понял?

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Там же представителем Республики на аукционе был тайный имперский осведомитель, по ходу дела занимающий какой-то нехилый пост.

А в самой игре нередка ситуация, когда на ключевых постах в Республике оказываются немного не те, кого бы тебе хотелось там видеть

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