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Платформы: [PC],  [PlayStation 4] | Жанр: Third-Person Action Game

Разработчик/Издатель: Digital Extremes | Дата выхода: TBA (OBT In Progress)

Официальный сайт | Wiki | Steam

Первая официальная информация об игре Warframe появилась летом. Тогда же, помимо описания самой игры и ее героях, разработчики выпустили и трейлер, который содержал минимум кадров из реального игрового процесса, но при этом показывал высокую динамику игры, враждебные расы и главных персонажей.
Разработкой проекта занимается канадская команда Digital Extremes, которая уже успела приложить руку к созданию продолжения великолепного хоррор-шутера The Darkness, разработала игру Dark Sector и многопользовательский режим Bioshock 2.
Warframe представляет из себя шутер от третьего лица, выполненный в популярном ныне формате Free-to-Play (игра поставляется условно-бесплатно, но имеет дополнительные предметы, которые можно купить лишь за настоящую валюту).



Alpha Trailer

Warframe Diorama





Стрим Быкова










Список игроков BRC:


Forum Nickname Ingame nickname Steam nickname Mic


3meu snakusoid snakusoid -
Thundervision Thundervision smash-n-splash ?
Skirata Skirata N/A ?
Аазмандиус Equilibrist Aazmantii +
XeTT07 Circasian XeTT07 +
MoRf1n morfin1337 morf1n65 +
Glamorous and crazy Ephedrine Gl@m0r0us /b/tard +
Siritkam Nelve N/A +
yago Kongh the_kindly_ones +
Kain KainMary kain_mary +
Скользкий Slaven slaven14 +
KaindeMort KaindeMort kaindemort +





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Сенькс за наводку на игру. Побегали с друзьями на выходных, очень даже ничего. Конечно сыровато еще, но в целом идея очень не плоха. До выхода DLC к мульту МЕ3 есть чем занятся, да и потом думаю не забросим. :)

На здоровье. :)

А коопу уже давно тесно в рамках МЕ3 и не думаю, что длц что-то изменит.

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Как концепт сигловой игры вырос до многопользовательской забавы.


Собственно, таким мог быть Dark Sector по изначальной задумке DE.

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Update 6.4 Hotfixes

Community News:

Warframe: Q&A LIVESTREAM, February 27 @ 1:00 PM EST.

Our first Dev Q&A video was a hit, so we’re taking it one step further: LIVESTREAM DEV Q&A!

More info here: https://forums.warfr...-february-27th/

Update 6.4 Hotfixes


"Dagger Axe" skins added to the Market for Scindo and Dual Zoren.


FOV slider added to display options.


Player must now login to the launcher to receive updates, going from launcher to game logs player in automatically.

Enemies affected by freeze damage mods will now have an effect applied to their model.

AI death from freeze damage now causes them to shatter.

Options menu tabs now have a roll over effect when highlighted.

Lex balancing (less recoil, slightly higher fire rate)


Fix for frozen enemies messing with Defense wave counters.

Restorative items now use the proper effects.

Fixed a case where players could consume their last weapon in a slot for a blueprint.

Temporary invulnerability added to beginning of bleedout to prevent near instant bleedout timer.

Client logs will not be spammed when playing a Grineer Asteroid level.

Fixed an issue with co-op doors and dead spectating players.

Fixed several problems with aggregated stat views.

Dying on an elevator no longer causes body to fall through elevator.

Fix for being stuck in place for several seconds after a skipped cinematic.

Fixed taking damage during a cinematic.

Fixed freeze damage actually speeding up some AI animations.

Fix for Bullet Attractor attach position not always looking great.

Fix for enemies running away during tutorial/dojo tests.

Fix for text not appearing on the upgrade screen when language is set to Chinese.

Fix for gear names overlapping prices.

Fixed an issue with clan chat messages sometimes not showing up.

New clan members now update their clan status upon accepting a clan invite.

Gravity is now disabled during Bladestorm preventing player from falling after each strike.

Fixed Infestation boss being in wrong boss room.

Roll can now interrupt a reload.

Pressing V no longer causes the player to roll.

Ammo pickups are shared for all players in a match.

Fix for certain AI showing as a target on the minimap in Exterminate missions.

Fixed security camera death effect position.

Fix for multiple damage immunity effects occurring at the same time causing various issues.

Fixed fullscreen setting not saving if player used Alt+Enter without saving display options after.

Fix for host migration causing pickups to disappear.

Fix for Crush and Overload animations continuing after being knocked down.

Likely fix for resolution changes not being saved for some users

Fixed an issue for certain Grineer Asteroid level layouts not spawning enemies until reaching the end

Изменено пользователем 3meu

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Warframe Livestream Developer Q&A

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Wield the deadly Amphis! This Grineer Heavy Staff is a traditional staff weapon that has received a monstrous makeover that reflects the design and culture of Grineer technology.



Enabled manual configuration of network ports in options menu to allow multiple players on the same LAN.

Several balancing tweaks to Rifles and Pistols. More Details Here:

BRATON: Tweaks to recoil feel. Added force feedback.

BURSTON: Tweaks to recoil feel. Added force feedback. Shorter pause between bursts.

LEX: Tweaks to recoil feel. Slight boost to base fire rate.

SICARUS: Tweaks to recoil feel. Slight boost to burst's fire rate and longer pause between bursts.

LATRON: Tweaks to recoil feel with sharper Rotation Spring/Noise and added Translation Spring. Added force feedback to firing sound. Tweaks to accuracy setting to match previous weapons' direction.

FURIS / AFURIS: Tweaks to recoil feel with sharper Rotation Spring/Noise and added Translation Spring. Added force feedback to firing sound. Tweaks to accuracy setting to match previous weapons' direction. Overall balance between both weapons including the akimbo version being less accurate and base clip size of the akimbo version being exactly 2x the solo version.

MK1-BRATON / BRATON VANDAL: Tweaks to Recoil feel. Accuracy tweaks following previous weapons' direction. Added force feedback to Vandal's firing.

LATO / AKLATO: Tweaks to Recoil feel. Accuracy tweaks following previous weapons' direction. Added force feedback to their firing. Solo version more accurate than akimbo one.

KRAKEN: Tweaks to Recoil feel. Accuracy values changed to encourage aimed firing for more precise shot and to add reticule bounce. Added force feedback to its firing sound.

SNIPETRON: Tweaks to Recoil feel, added Rotation and Translation Spring values. Tweaks to aim while scoped and from hip. Added force feedback to its firing sound.

ALL: Made accuracy recoveries and auto-reload times consistent across all weapons.

Sped up weapon swap times.


Fixed boss kill counts not tracking properly in stats.

Leaper should no longer jump through walls.

Fixed issue with Rhino Stomp breaking if an enemy is just killed before the stomp.

Fixed an issue with Loki Switch Teleport breaking if a target dies at right moment.

Fixed osprey exhaust effect.

Fixed an issue with Crawlers standing upright when shot.

Fixed an issue with Snow Globe persisting if user dies and then revives while it is active.

Fixed poison clouds persisting after they've expired for clients.

Resolution should now save properly when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode.

Fixed a UI error displaying incorrect resolution in options menu.

Excalibur Radial Javelin + Nyx Absorb no longer kills nearby Clients.

Chargers killed with freeze damage should now properly ragdoll.

Fixed a case where the player could be stuck finding squads.

Fixed Bolto projectiles firing in the wrong direction when standing close to an object.

Active squads count now properly shows matches from the appropriate region.

Improved loading times for large levels.

Fix for melee AI having issues attacking larger targets.

AI should no longer target invisible players.

Bolto projectiles should now be less affected by lag and more reliable at hitting targets.

Radial Disarm should no longer de-level the enemy to level 1.

Log file should no longer receive error spam when using Nyx.

Fixed some enemy ragdolls not despawning properly.

Corrected Shuriken accuracy, especially on higher FOV settings.

Radial Javelin should now target airborne enemies properly.

Hot-Hotfix: 5:00 PM EST

Ash Shuriken crash fixed!

Hot-Hot-Hotfix: 6:45 PM EST

Idle Warframe Animation no longer breaks head/neck.

Squad count fixed.

Frozen Leaper animation for Client fixed.

Lato Mods are now Compatible with Lato Prime.

Попутно выпустили наборы для фан-сайтов: https://warframe.com/news/warframe-fansite-kit

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Анонс нового варфрейма - Poison

We’ve managed to secure intel about another Warframe for the Tenno Resistance!

We believe this Warframe is a master of all things Poison and she calls herself ‘Saryn’ – she is a deadly snake lurking and waiting for her enemies.

Patience, Tenno… Update 7 is coming soon!


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Тестерам пообещали эксклюзивный ствол в 7-м патче.

As Closed Beta continues, our tester arsenals grow!

As promised, all Warframe Closed Beta Testers will receive the CBT weapon, “Lato Vandal”.

A true sign of dedication, vigilance, and lethality, this deadlier version of the Lato will only be wielded by those Tenno who have been with Warframe through the thick and thin of Closed Beta. You have earned it!

Coming to your inventory soon as part of Update 7!


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И еще один анонс варфрейма - Banshee

Tenno Report:

Blueprints of an ancient Warframe have been salvaged from an Orokin Derelict drifting in the outer regions of the Solar System. We have codenamed her “Banshee” as our analysis has detected capabilities for devastating sonic-based attacks. We should be able to uncover more secrets about this mysterious Warframe soon.


В общем и целом, до 7-го апдейта ничего ждать не приходится.

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Легок на помине. :D

Для начала - закрытая вечеринка для людей особого вкуса теперь не является таковой. Да, проект перешел в стадию OBT (Open Beta Test).

Также нам завезли новых варфреймов, глобал чятик для срачиков, новые вундервафли, самонов и еще чуть-чуть.

Прошу любить и жаловать.

Update 7: "Stormbringer"

Prepare yourselves, Tenno.

We have 'soft launched' open beta! To celebrate this we are bringing you this massive update! A ground-based environment. A radical redesign of the Mod system. Two new deadly Warframes. New weapons including a deadly silent bow. Our distribution servers are getting slammed. Its a storm alright!

NOTE: Respec required due to a massive overhaul of the Upgrade ("Mods") system! New Mods need to be found for your gear! Any old Mods are super valuable to level-up new Mods using the Fusion system!


Global Chat - an overhauled communication system for region, clan and squad chat!

Stealth Attacks - sneaking up on unaware enemies now yields stealth attack options with melee weapons.

Sentinels - customize and program a Sentinel “pet” to accompany you on missions.

Saryn - a deadly and beautiful Warframe whose poisonous attacks can dissolve organic and synthetic material.

Banshee - a sonic Warframe capable of filling both Attack and Support roles.

Viper - a Grineer-manufactured, full-auto Light Pistol.

Paris - a Tenno Hunting Bow that launches arrows with a chargeable magnetic field.

Fang - a matching pair of razor-sharp daggers with accelerated attack speed.

Corpus Outpost - a new Corpus base of operation in a chilling outdoor environment!

Dojo challenges - test your skill as a Tenno warrior with new Dojo rank-up challenges!

Endless Defense - a new defense mission type. Survive longer for escalating rewards!

New moves - Ground Attacks, smart-actions for finishing off downed enemies (no more jumping)!

New colors - new palettes added to the store, as well as a bundle to get them all at reduced cost!


Mods re-imagined - Please visit our forums to see details on how the new system works! Old Mods can feed the new system with the fusion system!

Weapon placement - a pass to reduce clipping and holster positions.

Weapon Balancing - almost every weapon has been tuned, see complete list in the FORUMS.

New male and female Tenno prisoner model added. "Naked Nick" has been returned to cryo-sleep.

Balance fixes for over-ranged Warframe powers. Additional upgrade tier added for the new Mod system.

Stealth improvements - AI reaction and alert states have been tuned to make stealth play more viable.


Fix for burst weapons firing an extra burst if player double clicks quickly.

Player/AI should no longer fall when teleporting on to stairs.

Fixed Warframes not receiving XP for using abilities.

Fixed an issue with Nyx Mind Control being flagged as "in use" if target dies.

Fixed pressing Alt in a menu pausing the game.

AI should no longer open locked passkey doors.

Fixed radial disarm not working against Grineer enemies.

Fix for crashes caused by unsupported resolutions.

Fixed an issue with boss names after a host migration.

Fixed an issue with ragdolls being "pinned" in mid air.

Removed lens flare from arsenal background.

Fixed Jackal shaking for Clients during intro cinematic.

Ice/Fire hazards will no longer appear in the first few levels.

Fixed an issue with aspect ratio not calculating correctly on a second monitor.

Из главного стоит обратить внимание на полное изменение системы модификаций костюмов и оружия. Вот предьявленный разработчиком диздок.

Mods 2.0 in Update 7

Here is the internal-design doc for what has changed with Mods. It is a massive, disruptive, painful change. I am sorry for that. I do believe this system is better for the longer-term replayability.

Old mods rock as Fusion in the new system.

You get new Mods for your existing Warframes automatically.

Mods 2.0

Card-style system that supersedes old Upgrade Tree / Mod slots. Although it is a 'Card' metaphor we are going to continue calling this 'Mods' and 'Mod' System. The Upgrade Tree is gone. Mods are short for Modifcation but in Warframe they are intended to be symbolic of Orokin-derived technology. "Lost tech". This system is a collection umbrella intended to unify the metaphor and interface for these concepts:

  • Upgrades (the boring filler nodes in the old upgrade tree)
  • Powers (the fixed ability nodes in the tree that forced certain optimal paths)
  • Mods (the empty slots in the tree you placed collected mods)
  • Passives (the artifacts you activated in the lobby)
  • Actives (coming 'player scope/once per day' abilities)
  • Precepts (behaviours/powers for Sentinels)

Mod Attributes:

  • Fancy Name ("Retribution" ... "Edge of Madness"). No more generic.
  • Unique Image (2.5D parallaxing screenshot). It needs to feel valuable, like a prize.
  • Item Comparability (generic like 'Warframe' or specific like 'Rhino' or 'Snipetron')
  • Fusion Level and Max Fusion Level (all Mods start at 0, max can be 0-10) Level is shown in text if > 0 as well as notches on the right side.
  • Description (Colorful, like Warframe powers, or simple like +25% health)
  • Rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare)
  • Drain
  • Polarity (show as a symbol: Power, Attack, Defense, Tactic, Precept).
    • Note: These classifications aren't strict, e.g. a Defense Mod could indirectly damage). It is more suggestive and subject to renaming. Lore pending connects polarity to the original Orokin clans where the designs originated from.

Obtaining Mods:

  • Comes automatically with some items as a result of purchase/foundry. Warframe powers are 'Mods' now, so a Warframe comes with his 4 Power Mods. A Sentinel comes with a few Precepts.
  • As loot (but do not do the auto-leveling old Mods did, instead higher level enemies drop rarer Mods).
  • Foundry (pending).
  • Sign-in (pending).
  • Rising in player rank (pending).
  • Purchasing booster packs (pending).

Mod-Supporting Item Attributes:

  • Mod slots (10 Warframe, 8 Weapon, 8 Sentinel).
  • A single slot can be Universal (supports any Mod) or have a polarity (Power/Attack/etc) that favors a Mod Polarity (opposing polarity can still slot in however).
  • Mod Energy Capacity equal to the Item's level (level 30 Warframe = 30 Mod Energy).
  • Mod Capacity is doubled if you have supercharged with a "potato" (Orokin Reactor / Catalyst). Supercharged level 30 Warframe = 60 Mod Energy.

Installing a Mod:

  • Drag a Mod from your collection and drop it on a Mod slot.
  • If your Mods drain is less or equal to the Item's Mod Energy it will install and Mod Energy will be deducted.
  • Drain can be modified by the target slot type however:
    • Matching polarity reduces drain: Slash Dash costs 2, but dropped into Power polarized slot costs only 1.
    • Conflicting polarity increases drain: Slash Dash in an Attack Slot will cost 3.

    [*]Now your item has the benefits off the Mod. Go kick ass.

    [*]Mod stacking is gone. Installing matching-types of Mod won't work.

    • This gives us much more interesting design possibilities: we can create very powerful Mods without worrying about corner cases (e.g. I stacked 12 sprint mods and the game crashes or is unplayable). Stacking puts pressure on us to nerf Mods we don't want to.
    • Hard-core specialization will still exist through polarity choices and 'similar type but not the same

Mod Fusion:

  • Fusion increases the value of Mods you may not want. Rather than just sell them for credits (which is apt to be reduced in the future) duplicates and 'junk' Mods can be consumed to make the Mods you like more powerful.
  • All Mods start at rank '0'. It has never been fused. The max fusion rank of a Mod varies but is typically 3 or 5.
  • You can 'rank up' the Mod by fusing other cards into it. You destroy the other Mod and the fused Mod becomes better.
  • To rise in rank you must fuse a total value doubling proportional to the next level.
    • Fuse to rank 1 = 1
    • Fuse to rank 2 = 2
    • Fuse to rank 3 = 4

    [*]The fusion value of a Mod is based on how similar it is to the target Mod. Its a bit narly because the rank of the level affects it generally:

    • Fusing a duplicate = 100% (1 duplicate required to reach level 1)
    • Fusing of matching polarity = 50% (2 matching polarity Mods to reach level 1)
    • Fusing unrelated = 25% (4 unrelated Mods to read level 1)

    [*]A higher level Mod is worth more in fusion as well.

    [*]A higher level Mod has its drain increased slightly.

What about my hundred pages of 1.0 Mods?

  • 1.0 Mods can be used in the Fusion system to level-up new Mods based on how highly ranked they were (now called Fusion Cores).
  • For those who had hoped for an exchange system we apologize... however, consider this: An exchange system would convert and destroy to the new (small) set of 2.0 Mods. Because of the interaction with the fusion system, old Mods actually have future value that can vest when a new Mod comes out and you want to immediately fuse and max it out.
  • Finally - 1.0 Mods will continue to exist, as a universal fusion energy with high value ones dropped by harder enemies. This allows us to give scaling rewards more predictably (vs. long wait between rare drops).

I hope you guys like it. Here is an example:


This is Blessing. Works only on Trinity. Drains 10 points. Is Rare. Can be fused 3 levels (notches on left) and is a 'Power' polarity (upper right symbol).

В общем, такие пироги с котятами.

Новая система модов выглядит странно, но несомненно повышает (должна по крайней мере) вариативность прокачки и тем самым реиграбельность. Что есть плюс. Непривычно? Да. Смертельно? Нет.

Time will tell. :)

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Может кто о вселенной игры поведать?

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Может кто о вселенной игры поведать?

Особо рассказать нечего. Игра выросла из концепта Dark Sector десятилетней давности.

https://warframe.com/ru/game/story - едва ли не вся доступная инфа.

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Запили свежий скриншот, получи стартер пак за 100 баксов.

Кстати, в последнем апдейте PhysX завезли. :)

Изменено пользователем 3meu

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7.1 Hot-fixes

-Mod sort by type

-Boost health and shield mods

-Fix Stalker attacking low level players

-Fixed chat scrollbar scrubber not resetting when the height of the scrollbar was changed

-Fixed chat area text wrapping

-Fixed added text field showing the number of users in the current channel

-Fix sound quake on certain enemies causes them to stand in place after they die

-Gamepad: Jump moved back to A (need Wallrun Toggle controls for this to work) / Crouch moved back to R3 (may move back to B later) / Parry moved to LB so you can hold it while keeping full move & look controls / Use moved to X & reload moved to B (until I can move it on X, shared with Use)

-Fix the Jackal becomes level 9999 after host migration

-Fix 664797 Fix for Sentinels not coming with a reactor when bought with platinum, and fix for reactor not showing up as being applied when used on a Sentinel; it really was applied but would not show up that way until you log out and back in, now it updates immediately

-Fix Recipe blueprints with an empty description tag will now display the description of their result item.

-Fix Arsenal: The player will lose all Arsenal functionality if they unequip their sentinel and then try to change any other equipment

-Fix mission continue UI showing up after the first wave (if migrated before initializing mission flow for the defense mission)

-Fix Stalker attacking Defense object

-Fix transition from charge to reload for bow anims

-Fix memory leak in PhysX effects

-Add missing stealth attacks to melee weapons

-Improvements to Infinite Defense host migration

-Fix some holes in maps thanks for player reports

-Fixe Power Use back to LB / Parry moved to Dpad Up (until I get a free face button) / Weapon Swap moved back to Y

-Fix landing pad platforms alignment/falling through world

-Fix ground attacks falling through world

-Improvements to Infinite Defense reward popup voting

-Improvements to mantling problems in Outpost

-Fixed ability kill achievements counting as pistol

-Fix Sentinel Cloak removed Ashes and Lokis cloaking abilities

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OBT Launch Trailer

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Стим теперь на 26-ое перенёс :D

Угу, сдвинули релиз на 4 часа.

Ачивок хочу. :3

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Мне пишет, что сервера лежат. У меня одного сейчас.

Изменено пользователем Аазмандиус

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Мне пишет, что сервера лежат. У меня одного сейчас.

Мой клиент не сдается. Пытается вытянуть апдейт с недоступных серверов. Закачивает и откачивает :cool:

P.s. для меня кстати есть гут - у меня как раз там чертеж допиливается к полуночи.

Изменено пользователем Thundervision

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Видно крепкий апдейт нас ждет. Надеюсь на возможность связать тамошний аккаунт со Стимом.

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Интерес к игре начали проявлять не так давно, но уже можно собирать. Клан делается в два-три клика.

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Ну, в принципе... И да, кстати, обязательно привязывать игру к аккаунту Стима? Или это так, для своего удобства?

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Присоединяйтесь к обсуждению

Вы можете написать сейчас и зарегистрироваться позже. Если у вас есть аккаунт, авторизуйтесь, чтобы опубликовать от имени своего аккаунта.

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